Our Mission

In a Dynamic Generation like ours, Content, Urgency, Accuracy, Professionalism and many other elements define the structure of news. Therefore through good interpersonal communication, partnership with interested parties and the training of young people, we go the extra mile to be one of the best and resourceful Global Association to help the youth especially young journalists to make the best of themselves and their Careers. All of these are achieved through hard work, perseverance, Accuracy, Integrity and professionalism.

On the flip side, we will give the due respect and attention to partners across the Globe as we strive to provide the aforementioned for our members. We believe that after integrating and inculcating all the needed values and skills with the help of our partners, we will put into practice to achieve a better press and the total press freedom we look forward to. This is the vision and mission of Global Young Journalists Association(GYJA).

Our Objectives

Global Young Journalists Association is an avenue aimed at creating a better chance for young people for their voices to be heard. GlobalYJA will ensure daily commitment to our members and partners to live the Core Values that GlobalYJA represents. Our mission and vision are apparent in these three ways:

1. To help Create an environment for better opportunities for young people.
2. To strive professionalism in our field of work.
3. To inculcate and integrate all necessary values of young people and partners in our decision making for a better tomorrow.

Our Core Values

1. Professionalism
2. Perseverance
3. Accuracy
4. Hardwork
5. Integrity


The future of journalism!