The Suez Canal Project; Lessons from Egypt

Written by Jonah Kirabo

Suez is the sixth-most-populous city / town in Egypt, located in north eastern Egypt with a population over one 1.3 million people.

The city is home to various extensive port facilities and it is home to the Suez Canal, an artificial creation that links the Mediterranean sea to the Red Sea.

I was among the lucky few delegates that represented Uganda in the African Presidential Leadership Program (APLP) in Egypt last month and we were fortunate enough to visit the Suez Canal Project to learn about its history and the value that the Egyptians attach to this water way.

According to the Suez Canal Authority Chairperson and Managing Director, Osama Radea, the Canal first opened on November 17, 1869 having been constructed for ten years.

The idea behind its construction was that it would enable a more direct route for shipping between Europe and Asia, effectively allowing for passage from the North Atlantic to the Indian Ocean without having to circumnavigate the African continent.

It was dug using what could be termed as “rudimentary tools,” back in the 19th century on the orders of a French diplomat, Ferdinard de Lesseps who fronted the whole idea.

Whereas the idea was fronted by a French national, The Suez Canal boss was quick to add that it was only due to the expertise of the Egyptians that the idea was able to come to life and hence giving them a good claim to it.

Infact, Radea went ahead to tell us that it took a quarter of the Egyptian population who were just 4.5 million people in total at the time to dig up the waterway between the years of 1859 to 1869 when it was finally opened for business.

“It was the genius of the Egyptians who used rudimentary tools to dig up about 164 kilometers long canal in just 10 years. A quarter of our 4.5 million population at the time took part in the excavations,” Radea said in part.

However, this didn’t come rosy for the Egyptians, a number of them, with the number estimated to be around 120,000 Egyptians are said to have died during the process owing to several factors such as diseases like cholera, fatigue among others.

Until July 1956, the Suez Canal was owned and controlled by the United Kingdom and the French men. The Egyptian President at the time, Gamal Abdel Nasser made a decision nationalize it, leading to the Suez Crisis of October to November 1956 which Egypt, under Nasser won making him a hero for the cause of Egyptian nationalism. The United Kingdom and French troops were subsequently evacuated by the United Nations in December 1956 leaving the Egyptians in full control. The Canal is now controlled by the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) of Egypt.

Several years later, the current Egyptian President and Chairperson of the African Union, H.E President AbdelFattah El Sisi proposed the construction of the New Suez Canal Project with an aim of expanding the the then current one in order to allow for easy movement of the big ship.

According to the Suez Canal Authority, Egyptians supported their president by purchasing 64 billion Egyptian pounds ($3.8 million) of investment certificates within eight days and 5000 volunteer citizens participated in its construction.

The New Suez Canal is 72 kilometres long, making it the longest canal in the world without locks. 10% of the world maritime trade passes through the Suez with five floating bridges that cross the canal and it is the biggest dredging project in the World as per Guinness World Records.

The new Suez Canal Project also reduced transit time from 22 to 11 hours and it also increased on a number of vessels that cross daily from 40-45 to 60-65 giant vessels on a daily and it’s now a major source of livelihood to Egypt as a country and a focal trade point for the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa.

Fishing ponds were also constructed on the sidelines of the canal, giving employment opportunities to many Egyptians as well as producing fish for export.

The Suez Canal Authority also claims that the new project will double Egypt’s annual revenue to US$13.2 billion by the year 2023.

The Canal is secured by the Egyptian armed forces.

Lessons for Uganda

While hearing, seeing and learning about all this, I could not stop but think about mama Uganda. Wondering if we can have a section of our population, rallying behind the government to contribute to a national project.

The New Suez Canal Project reminded me of Gen. Mugisha Muntu’s call of putting “Country before self” and how much we can achieve if we, as Ugandans focused on moving past simply ‘defeating the current regime’ but also prepared for life after the regime has gone. For the Egyptians, it’s not about a certain section that doesn’t believe in the leadership of El Sisi or any other individual, it’s about them. It’s about the country.

Jonah Kirabo

UNESCO World Youth Conference 2019 on Kindness [Fully Funded] India

Applications are invited to Apply for the UNESCO World Youth Conference 2019on Kindness. UNESCO MGIEP is organizing the first World Youth Conference on Kindness in New Delhi, India on the theme ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: Gandhi for the Contemporary World: Celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’.

UNESCO will select 100 Students from around the world with the first priority will be given to the students from Developing Countries. UNESCO world Youth conference is a Fully Funded Conference in New Delhi & will cover all the expenses of the selected participant.

This is a Great Chance for the students to attend a conference and be a part of diversity. A great opportunity to explore the Country full of diversity, culture, & religions. The UNESCO conference will be held from August 20 – 23, 2019 in New Delhi, India. Be one of 100 exceptional young leaders from around the world to be a part of the Conference.

UNESCO World Youth Conference 2019 Details

  • Country: New Delhi, India
  • No. of Student: 100
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: June 30, 2019

Conference Introduction & Theme

Do you have a transformative story of impact to share? UNESCO MGIEP along with partners is calling all passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated and proactive young leaders, influencers, social entrepreneurs, researchers, facilitators, filmmakers, community organizers, activists, volunteers and campaigners who are working to attain the Sustainable Development Goals!


  • Intensive youth-led capacity building workshops to enhance the capacities of youth on social and emotional learning skills and competencies such as empathy, mindfulness, compassion, kindness and critical inquiry through the prism of identity and global issues;
  • a generative space consisting of experts panels and TAGe plenary for youth and experts to share and critically engage with the concept of peace through kindness and nonviolence;
  • a platform to celebrate inspiring acts of kindness that are effecting change in the world and action programming for youth agency


  • New Delhi Youth Declaration on Kindness for the Sustainable Development Goals
  • 20, 000 transformative acts of kindness
  • 4 short and 1 main TAGe briefs
  • 100 trained youth leaders

Financial Coverage

As Stated Above, The UNESCO World Youth Conference in India is a Fully Funded International Conference & will Cover the Following Expenses given below.

  • Travel Sponsorship Limited number of applicants will receive travel sponsorship, with special preference given to applications from developing countries.
  • UNESCO MGIEP will provide Roundtrip Air Tickets between the participants’ nearest airport and New Delhi, India
  • Accommodation and Meals. Accommodation and meals will be provided to all selected participants.
  • Please note that participants are responsible for their domestic transportation, visa application, and traveler’s insurance.
  • If you can cover your roundtrip airfares, please check the box in the application form.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age should be 18 to 35 years as on August 1, 2016.
  • Available: Must be available for active and engaging online discussion starting June 10, 2019, and to do an online course on SEL from July 10, 2019
  • Influential: Highly influential and able to mobilize grassroots youth and community stakeholders in hundreds for acts of kindness. The selection to be part of the 100, and most importantly, the high-level panel speakers will be on the basis of how much an applicant has mobilized fellow youth in his or her community
  • Diversity: Geographic, gender, age, and sector diversity will be considered


The Last Date to Apply for the UNESCO World Youth Conference 2019 is June 30, 2019.

How to Apply

You Need to Apply Online. Complete all the necessary Requirements & upload the documents. The official Link is also given below.



Ashoka ChangemakerXchange Singapore Conference 2019 [Fully Funded]

Applications are invited to Apply for the Ashoka ChangemakerXchange Singapore Conference 2019. The Ashoka ChangemakerXchange Singapore Conference is open to all the fields for young changemakers to connect, share and develop cross-border collaborations.

The program will run from 25th – 29th September 2019. The program will be held in Singapore in the beautiful Northern forests. ChangemakerXchange brings together some of the world’s top social innovators, who have dedicated their lives to solving a social problem and have the skills and mindset to collaborate for collective impact.

ChangemakerXchange covers all of the expenses for the participant including Air tickets & Accommodation, Meals. However, You have to cover the expenses of your Visa if required. Please read the detailed information and benefits of the program given below.

Ashoka ChangemakerXchange Thailand Conference Details

  • Country: Thailand
  • Duration: 25th – 29th September 2019
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: June 23, 2019

Financial Coverage & Benefits

Ashoka Chnagemakerxchange Singapore is a Fully Funded Conference in Singapore & will cover almost all of the expenses which are given below.

  • Your Airfare Travel costs to/from the venue 
  • All of the conference costs for all four nights and five days
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Inner city travel
  • Food
  • Entrance fees

Announcement of Result

All participants will be notified by 31st July 2019.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Must be between 18-35 years old.
  • Should lead, co-lead, have founded or co-founded their own social venture/initiative (which can include ‘intrapreneurs’ pioneering innovation and social change from within a private or public sector institution) which is up and running and addresses a relevant social problem. We are unable to accept applicants with an idea only or who are volunteering for an organization.
  • Must have a good level of English that enables them to understand, present, and collaborate throughout the summit.
  • Should have the skills and know-how to be part of a special community of collaborative young changemakers and be willing to play an active role within this community.
  • Must be located and have an impact in an eligible country: Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Timor Leste, Thailand, and Vietnam.


The Last Date to Apply for the Ashoka ChangemakerXchange Singapore Conference 2019 is 23rd June 2019. 

How to Apply

You have to Complete an Online Application Form. The Link of the online application is given below as well as the official link is also given.



Doha Islamic Youth Forum 2019 Conference in Qatar [Fully Funded] – Call For Applications

Applications are invited to Apply for the Fully Funded Conference in QatarDoha Islamic Youth Forum 2019 is a Fully Funded Conference in cooperation with the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), an international organization affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Doha Islamic Youth Forum is inviting Participants from 18 to 30 years old for both genders from 57 OIC Member StatesMuslim Communities to attend a one Week Conference in Qatar. The Conference will run from July 07 – 11, 2019. There are No Criteria for the Academic Field, participants with any Academic Field are eligible to Apply.

The aim of the International Conference in Doha is to bring young students from a diverse background to build their future and achieve sustainable development and cultural advancement for their societies.

Doha Islamic Youth Forum 2019 Details

  • Country: Qatar, Doha
  • Duration:  July 07 – 11, 2019
  • Eligible Countries: OIC Member States, Muslim Communities (See below)
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • DeadlineJune 15, 2019

Doha Conference Details & Introduction

The Nations have always relied on their youth to build their future and achieve sustainable development and cultural advancement for their societies.

Young people have the capacity to propose and work in an unparalleled manner. They can contribute to the discussion on development issues and participate in the formulation of their projects and achievements. Indeed, the nation’s strength lies in its youth.

In this context, the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), an international organization affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), announces the invitation addressed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the State of Qatar to the youth of Islamic countries to register and participate in the Doha Muslim Youth Forum within the Doha OIC Youth Capital events (Doha, July 07 – 11, 2019).

Forum Duration

Five Days (Excluding Arrival and Departure Days). The forum will be held from 7 to 11 July 2019 (participants’ arrival is scheduled one day before the start and departure one day after).

The objective of the Event

  • Presenting and discussing research areas that rely on youth as a key driver in building future development strategies.
  • Developing youth capacities to face civilization and development challenges as a tool for community development.
  • Making use of modern means of communication in promoting the values of belonging and citizenship.
  • Training young people on diplomatic simulation mechanisms.

Financial Coverage

The Doha Islamic Youth Forum 2019 is a Fully Funded Conference in Doha & the Selected Students will receive all the benefits.

  • Round Airfare Travel expenses to and from the participant’s country.
  • Residence.
  • Internal Transportation.
  • Accommodation.
  • Meals.
  • Field visits will be organized for the participants to discover the host country and its culture.

Conference Theme

  1. Good governance and transparency among young people.
  2. Youth and bet on sustainable development.
  3. Youth and the safe use of social media.
  4. Diplomatic simulation.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

  1. Participants must be from 18 to 30 years old for both genders.
  2. Whether You are an Undergraduate StudentGraduate Student, or Already Graduated or Working.
  3. You should be able to show your interest.
  4. Participation is allowed to young people of OIC Member States or representatives of the Muslim Communities. (SEE BELOW)
  5. The participant shall submit an approved certificate proving that he has a sound reputation and good conduct.
  6. The participant must adhere to the event’s regulations and procedures as stated by the organizing committee.
  7. Active in the field of youth work.
  8. Having a distinctive activity on social media.
  9. Having excellent skills and potential to take leadership roles in the event.

Eligible Countries

All the Eligible participants can Apply for the Doha Islamic Youth Forum 2019 if they are From 57 OIC Member States, Muslim Communities. List of Countries is given below. For Reference Click Here

  • Islamic Republic of AFGHANISTAN
  • Republic of Albania
  • People’s Democratic Republic of ALGERIA
  • Republic of AZERBAIJAN
  • Kingdom of BAHRAIN
  • People’s Republic of BANGLADESH
  • Republic of BENIN
  • Republic of CAMEROON
  • Republic of CHAD
  • Union of The COMOROS
  • Republic of COTE D’IVOIRE
  • Republic of DJIBOUTI
  • Arab Republic of EGYPT
  • Republic of GABON
  • Republic of The GAMBIA
  • Republic of GUINEA
  • Republic of GUINEA-BISSAU
  • Republic of Guyana
  • Republic of INDONESIA
  • Islamic Republic of IRAN
  • Republic of IRAQ
  • Hashemite Kingdom of JORDAN
  • Republic of KAZAKHSTAN
  • State of KUWAIT
  • KYRGYZ Republic
  • Republic of Lebanon
  • Great Socialist People’s LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA
  • Republic of MALDIVES
  • Republic of MALI
  • Islamic Republic of MAURITANIA
  • Kingdom of MOROCCO
  • Republic of Mozambique
  • Republic of NIGER
  • Federal Republic of NIGERIA
  • Sultanate of OMAN
  • Islamic Republic of PAKISTAN
  • State of PALESTINE
  • State of QATAR
  • Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA
  • Republic of SENEGAL
  • Republic of SIERRA LEONE
  • Republic of Somalia
  • Republic of The SUDAN
  • Republic of SURINAME
  • The SYRIAN Arab Republic
  • Republic of TAJIKISTAN
  • Republic of TOGO
  • Republic of Tunisia
  • Republic of TURKEY
  • Republic of TURKMENISTAN
  • Republic of UGANDA
  • Republic of UZBEKISTAN
  • Republic of YEMEN


The Last Date to Apply for the Doha Islamic Youth Forum 2019 International Conference in Qatar is June 15, 2019

How to Apply For Doha Islamic Youth Forum

You have to Aly Online & Submit the Form before the Deadline. Also, You have to Attach Your CV online. Selected participants will receive a confirmation of participation in the forum through emails indicated in their applications.