Nigeria and her Leadership Challenge: 2019 Presidential Inauguration

Today May 29, 2019: Nigeria ushers in a new administration. Maybe not new, because it is still Muhamadu Buhari; the one that has govern is for these past four years..I was an undergraduate when Muhamadu Buhari was first elected as the president of Nigeria. There were many expectations from him because the atmosphere was tiring to Nigerians. I cannot categorically say what  the source of the tiredness was. Perhaps the 16 yrs rule of PDP has spread weariness or they were just tired of the same meal or having to choose from the same lot. Alas, the APC  people came with the change mantra; accompanied with many campaign promises. Nothing interested me more than the promise of 5k to unemployed youth during their campaign. I was looking forward to it; so was other Nigerians looking forward to our things as promised by the APC – this will be the beginning of another murmuring session by Nigerians. Maybe because of our level of illiteracy; we get ecstatic about campaign promises without asking the politicians ‘how do you intend to achieve this’. Nigerians jump at both the realistic and unrealistic promises.
Nothing is wrong with Nigeria. Nothing has ever been; except her long battle with cancerous leadership. Sadly, she has never gotten it right in this area since independence; leadership is where everything rise and falls on. When she will be free from her leadership virus, I cannot say letalone the extent of damage that accompanies it. Nigeria has lost the twentieth century and she is on the brink of losing the twenty first. Her leadership challenges has left her in the dust to be trampled upon by ‘alleged’ junior nations. Maybe because Nigerians easily adapt to even intense harsh economic conditions, they have been clouded and taken advantage of.
Once again, she ushers in another administration. Did I say another? Maybe Yes. It’s a new dawn with the same people. The phrase, ‘one good turn deserves another’ should have come to play in reelecting this administration back to office; somehow they found a way to keep Nigerians at bay. Anyway, I am non partisan at the moment. So, let me stick to the Nigerian problem of leadership. President Muhamadu Buhari has done below standard to be reelected back into office. All the campaign promises from 2014 has either been forgotten or halfway executed. And I can boldly say, Nigeria failed again in choosing a leader with vision, will power and ability to drive us out of the miry clay of incompetence we have found ourselves.
Since independence, we haven’t been able to elect a selfless leader with all the competence we need to translate from third world country to first world. Nigerians has blindly elected rulers whose ability is still far from the competence; leaders who cannot build the Nigeria of our dream. People who will disagree with this notion are the ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ group: a group of people who thinks it takes a long time for a good Nigeria to emerge. I think a 59 years old nation should have gotten it right or be on the course. Symptoms comes before illness, Nigeria has shown no symptom for progress. Singapore gained independence five years after Nigeria, look at where they are currently. Rwanda was ravaged by war, with little resources see what they’ve become. Every state in Nigeria has at least two mineral resources. Nigeria is sitting on a large deposit of oil, gold, diamond, bitumen, coal and other precious minerals; no one is looking at that direction. Look, the more we fall below standard in the scheme of things, the more the disadvantage. Nigeria has already been left behind.
The enlightened people who are supposed to prepare the ground for visionary to emerge are either afraid of persecution, intentionally silent or have been bought over by money bag politicians who have successfully been the cancer to the growth of this nation.I think the people are not yet tired; they’ll voice out when they are.

Written by: Olamide Francis
Global Young Journalist – Nigeria Chapter

Global Young Journalists Association

Author: Global Young Journalists Association

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