Unity in diversity

Do you know the world is a global village? Of course you do. In today’s world, we find people from all nationalities and all walks of life living and working together. There is an increasing diversity in the workplace including; differences in personality traits, values, skills and cultures. The United States of America, for instance, is a country with streets pervaded with people from all parts of the world living and working there. Could this be a rationale for its booming economy? Many organizations today are culturally diversified.

Likewise, employees today prefer working in such organizations where they can appreciate each other’s cultural differences. According to Glassdoor, 67% of active and passive job seekers say that when evaluating companies and job offers, it is important to them that the company has a diverse workforce. World class companies like Cocacola, Disney, Mastercard are examples of companies thriving as a result of a diverse work force with inclusion. Intercultural exchange is a lot more than meeting with people from different parts of the world – it is creating something prominent in the midst of differences in race, religion, nationality, personality, perception and values. Diversity brings and has always brought innovative solutions and generally, success to any organisation; when properly wielded.

Furthermore, people are more inter-connected now with the advent of the internet, networking and learning from each other. Digitization in this century makes connection and communication possible by a click. With approximately 4.4 billion people using the internet (Statista, April 2019) and 2.77 billion people using motley social media platforms (Statista 2019), the world is in our palms. As a result, unhealthy and inappropriate information is being passed on swiftly without authenticity and right sourcing. Hate crimes are planned and executed. Fake news is the order of the day causing harm and havoc. Controvert to that, digitalization can make cross-cultural exchange beneficial. Instead of spreading fake news, we can share authentic information to inform and educate people. We can love, live, stay and work together enjoying and learning from our differences. We can connect with each other bringing our diverse ideas to the table for the purpose of growing and achieving worldly success. Isn’t that positive intercultural exchange?

The Global Young Journalists Association is founded on the basis of creating a better press and achieving total press freedom for all while observing its core values of professionalism, perseverance, accuracy, hard work and integrity. Connected for passion and love for the profession, the association has established a brand like no other young professional organization with members from over 25 nationalities (as of May 2019). With roles delegated to members from all parts and of the world in collective teamwork, we can say indeed there is fruitfulness in cultural exchange and workforce diversity, facilitated by the use of the internet. We learn, we share and we respect the values and cultures of everyone from anywhere. We are unitedly diverse. We are the Global Young Journalists Association.

Written by: Atemnkeng Desmond Efuetlefac
Global Young Journalist – Cameroon Chapter

Global Young Journalists Association

Author: Global Young Journalists Association

Global Young Journalists Association is an avenue aimed at creating a better chance for young people for their voices to be heard. GlobalYJA will ensure daily commitment to our members and partners to live the Core Values that GlobalYJA represents. Our mission and vision are apparent in these three ways
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